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5 Quick Tips For Better Bathroom Lighting Guide

5 Quick Tips For Better Bathroom Lighting Guide

The bathroom is the first place most people go to when they first wake up in the morning therefore it is vital to get as much natural light as possible. Natural light supports our biological rhythms and are generally seen as invigorating. With an ever increasing bank of research papers indicating improvements in health and wellbeing due to Natural light, we prepared this short bathroom lighting guide to explain the ways of directing natural light into your house.

1. Rooflights


Nothing beats natural daylight for brightening your mood and regulating sleep/wake cycles. The best way to get reliable all day lighting is through using rooflights and roof lanterns even on overcast days. One rooflight is adequate but two or more either side adds additional awe and drama to the ceiling. Tubular lights can be used at vanity points to allow improved lighting.

2. Sun Pipes

Rooflights are best on flat roofs but naturally these are hard to come by in a bathroom therefore we recommend installing SUNPIPES. These are great overhead lighting products which can be easily installed in a pitched or flat roof. A small acrylic dome sits at roof level and a silver reflective pipe carries the light downwards through the roof void or loft into a ceiling diffuser which scatters the light throughout the room. They can even be supplied with built in LED lights to provide illumination at night.

TIPS: For effective lighting of any sort, pay attention to the CRI (color rendering index). A number of 100 is perfect but difficult to come by. Anything over 80 will allow people to see colors fairly accurately. Finally, consider what color temperature needs to be used, expressed in degrees Kelvin (K). For example, a 2,700K lamp is about the same warm yellow light as an incandescent bulb. Jumping up to a 3,000K lamp makes a slightly whiter light. For residential use, 3,500K is the coolest as recommended by experts — it’s particularly good in closets, where you need accuracy for color matching when choosing clothing. Many clothing stores use 3,500K lighting for that reason.

3. Bath Lighting

Many homeowners like the luxurious feel of pendant fixings or chandeliers – installing one of these above a bath can transform the space. Naturally, you need to leave plenty of space between the bath (and the high-water level) and the lighting fixture, we generally recommend 2 metres. By installing it on a dimmer switch you can ensure that even in the middle of the night you can get a comfortable lighting level.
LED light strips are also a fantastic addition providing a soft ambient light source which can be installed on top or at the bottom of cabinets in addition to soffits.

4. Vanity Lighting

Best possible lighting for activities in front of a bathroom mirror generally come from fixtures mounted either side roughly at eye level however additional lighting provided by rooflights and Sun pipes increase the greater ambient light making it much easier.

5. Night Lighting

Since the bathroom is sometimes used in the middle of the night, it’s critical to provide some, but not too much, light by which to safely manoeuvre. Low wattage light sources such as 5 watt night light may be just right. Often rooflights and sun pipes will still provide ambient lighting at night due to the moon light but this may not be sufficient enough.


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