Buy monodraught sunpipes: Why choose Addlite Sun Pipes?

Our addlite Sun Pipe System

We take great pride in the quality of our Sun Pipe systems, materials are carefully selected to ensure the best performance, innovation, sustainability and reliability. We’re confident in our systems and if you buy Monodraught Sunpipes from us, we provide a 10 year product guarantee as standard.

The Diamond is famous for capturing light, we realised this potential early on in product development. That’s why our system uniquely utilises a patented Diamond shaped dome instead of the conventional circular hemispherical dome used by some of our competitors. The faceted top surface of our Dome catches the sunlight (And any ambient light) from all directions. The vertical prisms at the bottom of our Dome also captures low level light first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

Acrylic vs polycarbonate

Addlite use acrylic in their diamond dome as standard, this provides a higher light transmittance compared with polycarbonate and glass meaning we can deliver more light than any other system. In addition polycarbonate is susceptible to hazing and discolouration when exposed to UV radiation.

"Wait…This just sounds like any other manufacturer claims!"

Well, we’re so confident, we had our domes tested by BRE to quantify these claims with scientific data and research.

What Did We Test

The tests carried out tested how the performance of the dome and tube material is sustained over time. Addlite believe the product performance should be sustained over its life span rather than a mere few months. In order to achieve this, we use Super silver mirror finish aluminium as opposed to polymer laminated tubes which are popular among competitors. The initial performance figures of polymer films can be enticing at first however they do quickly deteriorate over time.

The Test Carried Out

Samples of materials used in the dome and tube parts of both Addlite and a leading competitor product were sent to BRE’s research facility in Watford. Samples are tested for specular reflectance and light transmittance in an accelerated ageing chamber to simulate effects of natural environment and UV degradation.

Results – Over a simulated 3 year period


  • Our Super silver finish aluminium experienced very minor change in reflectance and negligible performance drop when used with acrylic or polycarbonate dome (0.1% - 0.2%)
  • Specular reflectance of the polymer film dropped dramatically when exposed to UV radiation unless it was used with a polycarbonate dome top.

Light Transmittance

  • Our dome system experienced a 5.6% drop in light over 3000 hours
  • Solatube polycarbonate experienced a drop of 7.7% over the same time.
  • Both polycarbonate samples were observed to have yellowed in colour.

Full Dome Light Transmittance

  • Addlite Acrylic dome had a light transmittance of 90.2%
  • Solatube’s dome provided a light transmittance of 74.2%
Dome Tops Discoulored   Addlite Sun Pipes
Figure 4. Samples of light pipe domes after 2000 hours ageing. From left to right: Sun pipe acrylic, Sun Pipe polycarbonate and Solatube polycarbonate.

Further enhanced design!

We are pleased to announce we have released a new range of diffusers which can all be retrofitted to existing Sun Pipe installation! The new diffusers give you a number of options to meet project requirements in addition to a quicker, more intuitive fit and finish.

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