How to create more light in your home

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As we spend a good portion of our lives indoors, we often miss out on the vast majority of natural daylight and its benefits. Therefore, adding daylight to your home is the perfect solution for a more productive and healthy lifestyle. Natural light can be introduced into the home in … Read More

5 Quick Tips For Better Bathroom Lighting

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Natural Lighting “>Sun Pipes bring light into every day roomsRooflights bring fresh air into the roomDiffused rooflight Layers reduce glare The bathroom is the first place most people go to when they first wake up in the morning therefore it is vital to get as much natural light as possible. … Read More

How to repair a leaking rooflight

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How to repair a leaking rooflight in five easy steps When your rooflight develops a leak, it can be very inconvenient. The hole means that the roof is no longer protecting you from the rain adequately, and this puts anything inside the room at risk of water damage or mould … Read More

How to Maximise Light in your basement conversion

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Maximise Light We’ve covered extending upwards, outwards… now it’s time to talk about extending downwards! Everything from theatre rooms to play rooms to gym and spas have been created in a space that was formerly non-existent in some cases. View more Maximise LightWe’ve covered extending upwards, outwards… now it’s time … Read More

Choosing a roof hatch to suit your needs

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Finding your feetFinding the right roof hatch to meet your requirements is important to ensure a safe means of access is always provided. With such a wide variety of roof hatch types it may seem daunting at first to know what you need. Whether it is for just for maintenance … Read More

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