Building Regulations Ventilation – Approved Document B UK Building

The approved documents are practical guidance issued by the government on how to fulfill the requirements Building Regulations 2010 for England. Following these regulations is necessary when planning a construction project, and the series of document are essentially a list of practical dos and don’ts in constructing an infrastructure. The … Read More

Impact of Covid-19 on Construction Sector in the UK

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an infectious disease transmitted through physical contact and exposure to contaminated air or surroundings. Coronavirus has affected the economy, industries, import/ export, education sector, construction sector, etc. In short, there is no aspect of life that this pandemic has not affected. It would not be wrong to … Read More

Lighting For Loft Ceilings – Loft Lighting Ideas

Lighting For Loft Ceilings – Loft Lighting Ideas Once the construction is done, homeowners are faced with the massive task of interior furnishing and decoration. You can choose bright wallpapers and carpets, cozy furniture, and perhaps some tasteful decoration pieces and art, or in a loft, you can add a ladder … Read More

What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?

If you are searching for a more convenient as well as affordable device to enjoy natural light at home, then solar tubes are definitely a great option. Also referred to as the sun tunnels, sunpipes or tubular skylights, solar tubes provide an unobtrusive and excellent way to brighten the dark … Read More

Smoke Vent Maintenance & Service Requirements

There are four segments principal to having a reliable smoke control plan; Addlite has put together a short guide listing the key information that will in all likelihood help you to pick your smoke vent maintenance requirements. Smoke Ventilation products must be building regulation compliant to BS7346: Part 1, 1990, … Read More

Types of skylights for flat roofs: Plastic or Glass?

Plastic or Glass? When it comes to choosing skylights for flat roofs, many people are unsure as to what the best type of rooflight actually is. While most of us can agree that the best kinds of rooflights are either polycarbonate plastic ones or glass, it can sometimes be difficult … Read More