Addlite launches Stargaze flat glass rooflights

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Leading suppliers of natural daylight solutions, Addlite is pleased to announce the launch of Stargaze; flat glass roof light range, built to complement flat roof buildings.

Many building owners are seen verging towards investing in natural light solutions. Flat glass roof lights are proven to offer a wealth of benefits including improving energy efficiency levels as well as general health and well-being.

The Stargaze range consists of six products, including builders’ curb, manual, electric PVCu upstand, manual ventilation, and electric ventilation. All of which come with a 10-year warranty.

Stargaze flat glass roof lights are carefully designed to meet the needs of the installer and the building owner. This aesthetically pleasing and economical natural light system can add value to any building type from private to public architecture.

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Director of Addlite Tom Davies comments, “The systems we have, are not limited by any means, in fact, we strongly believe in adding value to interior spaces. Choosing the right rooflight for a new build or home extension can make a significant difference to its overall look and feel. We are excited to announce the launch of Stargaze as we believe it to be a system that is well-suited for many structures. To celebrate this new product introduction, we are giving away a £10 Love to shop voucher with every purchase”

Why choose a flat glass rooflight

Flat glass roof lights are more economical, easier to install and allow natural light to enter directly into a room. Stargaze offers more choices in terms of opening options including manual and electric opening options and is considered a contemporary option due to its slim, clean lines and sleek frames.

If you are looking for a system that allows maximum light and is discreet from the outer building view, then a flat glass rooflight is the solution. The system comes as a single, clear inner laminated pane with clean unbroken bands, allowing extra light and a discreet view from outside. The maximum upstand level is 30cm which eliminates the obstruction of the upper-level building.

Stargaze is a high-quality flat glass rooflight and is available at highly competitive prices. The roof light comes in multiple operations, from fixed, manual, and electric openings, and is available in a wide variety of sizes. Unless a buyer wants a fixed system, all other operations come with a free winding pole.

To find out more on Stargaze follow this link

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All our flat glass rooflights feature laminated inner panes as standard.
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