Korniche Roof Lanterns

Modernise, transform and upgrade your interior space with industry-leading roof lanterns by Korniche. By combining smart engineering with inspirational design, we help homeowners improve their well being, decrease their energy costs and increase the value of their home. Available in bespoke sizes with a versatile range of configurations, ensuring you do not have to compromise on a single detail.

Why choose Korniche?

1. A better view

Korniche roof lanterns from Addlte don't just change how your living space looks. By exposing your room to natural daylight, it transforms how it functions. We work with you to ensure your ideal living space is created.

2. Comfortable and secure

Our offering also consists of bi-fold doors that come rigorously tested to keep your home fully protected. Certified to the advanced PAS24:2016 standard, their strong, durable aluminium frames come with enhanced security, including a 3 Star Yale locking barrel, high-strength shoot-bolts, and multi-point FUHR locking systems.

3. Transformed living space

With a clean, consistent, and slim design, our roof lanterns and bi-folding doors come in a versatile range of configurations plus an endlessly customisable number of colours, so you do not have to compromise on a single detail. Speak to us today to find out more.

4. Quick and easy to install

Making the complicated simple takes real creativity. Our smartly engineered roof lantern is the only design on the market that requires no cutting, trimming or silicone sealant within the lantern structure whilst being assembled. Capable of being fitted in minutes and glazed in seconds, the Korniche roof lantern is the fastest and easiest kit to install on the market.

5. Engineered to inspire

Designed from the ground up, every part has been meticulously engineered to combine with the next, transforming your interior into a magnificent living space. A wealth of unique features improve heat retention, security, functionality and aesthetic appeal, so you can enjoy a final product which is stronger, slimmer, warmer and easier to install.

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We also sell: Bi-Fold Doors

Create the ultimate living space.

We also sell: Bi-Fold Doors

Create the ultimate living space.

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