Lighting For Loft Ceilings – Loft Lighting Ideas


Lighting For Loft Ceilings – Loft Lighting Ideas

Once the construction is done, homeowners are faced with the massive task of interior furnishing and decoration. You can choose bright wallpapers and carpets, cozy furniture, and perhaps some tasteful decoration pieces and art, or in a loft, you can add a ladder or extend the hatch, but what is the point of doing all of that when you can’t see anything? Hence the decision to choose the right type of lightning for loft can make the difference.

Here are some ideas that might help you in deciding what’s best for your loft.

Fluorescent Loft Lighting:

Compared to the regular incandescent lights, fluorescent lights consume much less energy cost less, don’t have heating problems and can illuminate the entire space effectively spread the light more evenly. Other lighting sources can cause the light to form pols at some space while letting the remainder of the space stay in the shadow. You to be careful when you are considering where to place them, though, unless you want them obstructing your path in the loft.

LED Panel:

LED panels or LED bulbs are other worthy options to be considered. Again, they are much cheaper than traditional lighting bulbs, like incandescent or fluorescent, and consume much less energy. The LED panel has an additional advantage of not taking that much space in the loft because these panels would be stuck to the roof or walls with insulating boards, ending the risk of you knocking your head on the bulb. Then there is the flexibility that LED lights offer in designing and decoration. The initial purchase can be expensive, but the energy they manage to save makes it worth it.

Ceiling Lights:

Because the ceilings are generally very low in a loft, it might be better if you use the lights specifically designed for low ceilings. These lights are beautiful, do not take much space, and will easily stick to the ceiling and stay there. The ceiling lights so beautiful and charming and adds to the beauty of the room when it illuminates. It can be changed easily when needed.

Twinkle lights:

Although they do not provide the best lighting, they can still help you to create a cozy spot for you to hide in and relax.


Lamps are another source of lightning that can be used effectively to light up your loft. The advantage of them is that they can be placed anywhere without any hassle. There are many types of lamps that look beautiful in the room, lounge, and offices.

Sensored Lights:

This type of light works with the help of a sensor. Hence they will automatically turn off if you are present and will turn off after you leave. They are energy-friendly, and will not cost too much.

Wall Lights:

Simple wall lights are another great choice for your loft. They are easily available in the UK and come in many designs. Although you cannot do much for the ceiling, you can still add these lights in different spots to brighten your loft.

Natural Lighting in the Loft:

At nighttime, artificial lighting becomes necessary, but what is stopping you from using natural sunlight during the day? It does not matter that if you are using the loft as a proper living place or just simply boarding it up, natural light is necessary. This comes with the advantage of being free and most effective, as natural light can easily bounce around in all corners of the loft. Also, it does not require to be switched off or on manually.


When choosing the type of lighting for your loft, don’t hesitate, choose the best. The addle is offering you sun tunnels specifically designed for pitched roofs
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Another choice is Solar tube lighting and Monodraught Sunpipe For Pitched Bold Roll Tile Roof with the same qualities as above. Visit our official website to place your order.

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