The Best Lighting Solutions For Dark Rooms

The Best Lighting Solutions For Dark Rooms

As we spend a good portion of our lives indoors, we often miss out on the vast majority of natural daylight and its benefits. Therefore, adding daylight to your home can provide the perfect lighting solutions for dark rooms and for a more productive and healthy lifestyle. Natural light can be introduced into the home in a variety of ways, vertically through the use of windows which can be limiting and horizontally through the use of rooflights, and sun pipes. These horizontal applications will flood the room with more high quality light than the traditional window.

Which product do you need to create more light in your home? We will help you…


A rooflight is the most widely used term to describe windows installed into a roof, often provided with an upstand for installation onto flat roofs. We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes including fixed skylights, access rooflights and ventilation skylights for flat roofs.

Fixed rooflights are fixed down to the frame and provide the most cost effective means of bringing light into the room allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ventilation skylights will enable you to let more air into the room and are ideal in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms due to the variable temperatures which can lead to condensation. Manual or electric operation are generally available and can incorporate rain or wind sensors.

Access rooflights provide easy access to a roof ideal for maintenance and repairs on the roof, it is also possible to use larger rooflights to provide access to a roof terrace or balcony.

Sun Tunnels

Our sun tunnels are among the lighting solutions for dark rooms which are suitable for flat and pitched roofs, perfect for bringing natural light into rooms where windows or rooflights cannot reach, for example rooms situated in the middle of an upper floor. Natural light is collected from a dome on top of a roof, connected to a highly reflective silver tube which can be directed between rafters and roof voids to bring light into the room below. The Dome shape ensures light can be easily captured from all sides providing a surprising amount of light throughout the day.

We have a range of Sun Tunnels to suit all types of roofs…


High impact resistant patented 4 mm thick clear acrylic diamond dome with UV inhibitors, complete with brushed nylon condensation gasket. This maximises the penetration of natural daylight and is designed to capture the early morning and late afternoon sun.

  • Flat Roof Sun Tunnels (Flat Felt, Asphalt and Membrane Roofs)
  • Pitched Roof Sun Tunnels (Slate, Tile and Bold Roll Tile Roofs)
  • Sloped Roof Sun Tunnels (Slate, Tile and Bold Roll Tile Roofs)


High quality 4 mm thick Bohemia Crystal glass dome with complete with brushed nylon condensation gasket. It collects 30% more sunlight than any other dome and lasts decades without any maintenance.

  • Flat Roof Sun Tunnels (Flat Felt, Asphalt and Membrane Roofs
  • Pitched Roof Sun Tunnel (Tile or Slate Roofs)
  • Flat Roof Sun Tunnel with Thermal Break (Flat Felt, Asphalt and Membrane Roofs)
  • Pitched Roof Sun Tunnel with Thermal Break (Tile or Slate Roofs)


Aluminium rooflight with a sealed double glazed cover unit with an outer layer of 3mm clear float glass, an 8mm air gap and 3mm clear float inner glass. Finishes flush with the roof surface. Supplied with code 4 lead skirt to enable suitable weathering. A square to circular transition piece included.

  • Square Sun Tunnel 300mm (Pitched Slate or Tile Roofs)
  • Square Sun Tunnel 450mm (Pitched Slate or Tile Roofs)

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