Sun Tunnels

Lightway’s crystal glass sun tunnels deliver healthy sunlight into your home. Our specialist domes are designed to brighten up spaces where natural light is lacking. Easily install tubular skylights into your living space for unmatched levels of natural, quality lighting

Why choose Lightway Sun Tunnels

1. Effortlessly illuminate your interior

The interior of your home will gain a whole new aesthetic. The beautiful full spectrum sun tunnel

2. Improve your overall wellbeing

Exposing yourself to natural lighting has proven to offer many health benefits, sun tunnels are affordable and hassle-free.

3. Simple, electricity-free lighting system

Naturally, illuminate your indoor space instead of relying on artificial lighting, and significantly help reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.

3. Endless possibilities

Draw in natural light from any external area of your building, whether you are looking for a rooftop or wall-mounted solution for your home, we offer a free no obligation survey and quotation.

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