COXDOME Circular Rooflight - Fixed Skylight for Flat Roof
£280.50 Ex Tax:£233.75

Coxdome Circular RooflightManufactured to a high standard with double or triple glazing and a GRP Up..

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Monodraught 610mm Extension Lengths
£70.80 Ex Tax:£59.00

The Sunlume 610mm extension pipes are available as 0.5mm thick anodized aluminium tubes and are suit..

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Monodraught 45 degrees Adjustable Elbows
£38.40 Ex Tax:£32.00

3 section 45° adjustable elbow is manufactured from 0.5mm thick anodized aluminium pipe and is coate..

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Integral 50W LED Light Kit
£81.60 Ex Tax:£68.00

Where a single source light is required, such as the top of a staircase, landing, etc, the 50-watt e..

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SILVER Ceiling Trim
£39.60 Ex Tax:£33.00

The stainless steel effect ceiling trim can be used in place of the standard white trim to enhance a..

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Motorised Light Shut-Off Damper
£379.20 Ex Tax:£316.00

A motorised butterfly light shut-off damper operated by a 230V motorisedf actuator can be incorporat..

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Stainless Steel Security Screws
£28.80 Ex Tax:£24.00

Tamper proof stainless steel security screws which have a special hexagonal head can be used in plac..

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Intumescent Fire Collars
£462.00 Ex Tax:£385.00

Intumescent Fire Choking collars can be integrated within the system to prevent the spread of smoke ..

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SOUNDGUARD Ceiling Diffuser
£468.00 Ex Tax:£390.00

Soundproof Soundguard light diffusers for sun tunnels and sun pipes. Sound attenuation of 37dBa. Ava..

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Flat Roof Sun Tunnel - Monodraught Sunpipe
£232.80 Ex Tax:£194.00

Flat Roof Sun TunnelThe Addlite Monodraught SUNPIPE Flat Roof Sun Tunnel natural daylight system dir..

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Sun Tunnels For Pitched Roofs - Monodraught Sunpipe For Slates
£242.40 Ex Tax:£202.00

Sun Tunnels for Pitched RoofsBest quality sun tunnels. The Sunlume Pitched Slate Roof Diamond L..

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Monodraught Sunpipe For Pitched Bold Roll Tile Roof
£381.60 Ex Tax:£318.00

Monodraught Sunpipe Natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from the roof level. The Su..

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SQUARE Sun Tunnel - Monodraught Sunpipe
£609.60 Ex Tax:£508.00

Square Sun TunnelThe 300mm or 450mm tunnel natural daylight system is ideally suited to a norma..

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