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Flat Roof Light Tunnel – Lightway Crystal Sun Tunnel


Crystal glass flat roof light tunnel -suitable for membrane, felt and asphalt roofs. Available in a range of sizes. Suitable for flat felt, asphalt and membrane roofs.
The product is CE marked, meets BS EN ISO 14001 and BS EN ISO 9001.

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Technical Details

Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel Details

To suit an overall length (from top dome to diffuser) of 600mm.



  • Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel Bohemia Crystal Dome

    1. Bohemia Crystal Glass Dome

    High quality 4 mm thick Bohemia Crystal glass dome with complete with brushed nylon condensation gasket. It collects 30% more sunlight than any other dome and lasts decades without any maintenance.

  • Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel Flashing plate

    2. ABS Flashing Plate and Collar

    ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene) plastic Flashing plate which is corrosion resistant and suitable for felt, membrane and asphalt roof finishes. Supplied with an ABS collar for dome to fit on to.

  • Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel Plain pipe

    3. 625mm Pipe Length

    The high quality 625mm aluminium tube with electroplated surface consisting of zinc, chrome and silver.

  • Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel Ceiling extension

    4. 250 Ceiling Extension

    The high quality 250mm ceiling extension is manufactured from aluminium with electroplated surface consisting of zinc, chrome and silver. This provides a permanent joint between the diffuser and plain end pipe.

  • Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel

    5. Sodium-potassium Glass Diffuser

    The glass diffuser is designed to offer excellent thermal performance whilst ensuring maximum spread of natural daylight within the space and an even light distribution. The trim is supplied in white as standard.

  • Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel Fixings

    6. Installation Pack

    The installation pack contains screws and fixings, brushed nylon condensation seal, aluminium tape and universal installation instructions.


The flat roof light tunnel natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level. The Bohemia Crystal dome collect 30% more light than any other dome and the superreflective tube, which has a 25-year guarantee, is manufactured using advanced plasma technology. The tube is connected to a sodium-potassium glass ceiling diffuser for even distribution of light around the room. Sunlume Crystal Sun Tunnels are suited to almost any application, and have been installed anywhere from residential bedrooms to large shopping centres.

This SUNLUME crystal sun tunnel has been specifically developed to suit standard flat roof finish.


  • 156mm: 185mm Dia roof and ceiling opening required
  • 230mm: 250mm Dia roof and ceiling opening required
  • 320mm: 350mm Dia roof and ceiling opening required
  • 520mm: 545mm Dia roof and ceiling opening required


  • Top Dome 4mm Bohemia Crystal glass
  • ABS plastic flashing plate and collar
  • Superreflective real silver tube
  • Sodium-potassium 4mm glass ceiling diffuser.

Performance – flat roof light tunnel

  • 156mm: Effective length up to 3m
  • 230mm: Effective length up to 7m
  • 320mm: Effective length up to 10m
  • 520mm: Effective length up to 15m

Crystal Glass Dome

Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel glass-skylight
Made of Bohemia Crystal glass dome collects 30% more light than any other skylight dome. This material is guaranteed not to change, discolour or degrate over time, no matter what weather conditions the dome is exposed to.

No maintenance is required as crystal glass domes are self-cleaning.

Photo on the right: Bohemia crystal glass dome (in the middle) and plastic domes after 5 years of wear under British weather conditions.

Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel Glass and Plastic Domes

Superreflective Tube vs Other Sun Pipes

Crystal Glass Sun Tunnel silver-sheet

DiameterLight OutputPerformance SunnyPerformance CloudyArea litEffective Length
156mm1000 lumens2 x 100w lightbulbs50w lightbulb3-4m2up to 3 m
230mm5220 lumens3 x 100w lightbulbs1.5 x 100w lightbulbs8m2up to 7 m
320mm15660 lumens5 x 100w lightbulbs3 x 100w lightbulbs12-15m2up to 12 m
520mm36540 lumens8 x 100w lightbulbs4 x 100w lightbulbs20-25m2up to 15 m

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156mm, 230mm, 320mm, 520mm


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