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Wind deflectors - Pros and Cons in Smoke Ventilation System in UK

Smoke ventilation systems are considered to be safety equipment in a building. Their general purpose is to ensure the escape of occupants of the building safely if a fire breaks out. They also make it possible to fight the fire in its early stages before it can cause much damage. There are well-established guidelines for their installation, maintenance, and performance.​​These systems help by ensuring safe escape by making the escape routes free of smoke. Other advantages include minimizing the damage to the building, obstructing fire in further development, and helping fire fighting operations, etc. these systems are used in all types of buildings, including residential areas, hospitals, commercial or educational buildings.

Lighting For Loft Ceilings – Loft Lighting Ideas

Once the construction is done, homeowners are faced with the massive task of interior furnishing and decoration. You can choose bright wallpapers and carpets, cozy furniture, and perhaps some tasteful decoration pieces and art, or in a loft, you can add a ladder or extend the hatch, but what is the point of doing all of that when you can’t see anything? Hence the decision to choose the right type of lightning for loft can make the difference.

Impact of Covid-19 on Construction Sector in the UK

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an infectious disease transmitted through physical contact and exposure to contaminated air or surroundings. Coronavirus has affected the economy, industries, import/ export, education sector, construction sector, etc. In short, there is no aspect of life that this pandemic has not affected. It would not be wrong to say that the construction industry is most disturbed compared to the other sector. All the construction is stopped by the government and the result of which labors suffered a lot.

Building Regulations Ventilation – Approved Document B UK Building

The approved documents are practical guidance issued by the government on how to fulfill the requirements of Building Regulations 2010 for England. Following these regulations is necessary when planning a construction project, and the series of documents is essentially a list of practical dos and don’ts in constructing an infrastructure. The ventilation system is a very necessary and useful component of the HVAC system in our homes. It ensures the proper flow of air in and out of a building. This system is a must in improving the air quality in our living spaces.


What’s on top of your home improvement list? Residents in London are opting for increasing natural daylight, according to new research. Numerous studies have proved the benefits of increasing natural daylight in the home but what first steps do you need to take to realise this goal? Natural light can be introduced into the home in a variety of ways, vertically through the use of windows which can be limiting and horizontally through the use of rooflights, and sun pipes. These horizontal applications will flood the room with more high quality light then the traditional window. In these article we will talk about planing permissions and building regulations for skylights.


Roof hatches have many uses but how do these uses impact on the buildings valuation? Is it a worthwhile investment? What adds most value to a house? Roof hatches are generally seen as a solution to maintenance and repair problems. They offer a low cost solution for accessing the roof to repair damage, leaks, HVAC systems and more. They are purely utilitarian and industrial in this case but very much a necessity. But what if we looked at it from a different light. What if we decided we wanted to open up the indoor space, outdoors? Take a large block of flats in the heart of a bustling city for example, what are residents supposed to do for outdoor space? Free and private access to the great outdoors comes at a premium in many cities and towns. This is where roof decks, green roofs, roof terraces and roof gardens – are key.


Sun tunnels capture daylight or sunlight and transmit it down through a flexible or solid tube normally made from aluminium or plastic. The reflective tube directs ambient light or sunlight into a diffuser or a double glazed opaque ceiling ring positioned within the ceiling.


Thermally Broken Roof Hatch Surespan SRHPTB.The only roof hatch on the market with these 6 key Features as standard.The brand new thermally broken Surespan.


The sun is (still, somehow) out and the glorious summer days are… long gone. Autumn has started and with it the whispers of a winter holiday are approaching. A recent report by the committee on Climate Change has revealed some startling facts in regards to Global Warming and the inevitability we face.


The sun is out, and the (most) glorious summer days are in full swing. But with the sunlight comes the age long question, how can we make the most of this natural light? And what exactly are the benefits? This light has travelled, on average, 150 million kilometres from the sun so why not fully welcome it into the workplace?

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