How to create more light in your home

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As we spend a good portion of our lives indoors, we often miss out on the vast majority of natural daylight and its benefits. Therefore, adding daylight to your home is the perfect solution for a more productive and healthy lifestyle. Natural light can be introduced into the home in … Read More

5 Quick Tips For Better Bathroom Lighting

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Natural Lighting “>Sun Pipes bring light into every day roomsRooflights bring fresh air into the roomDiffused rooflight Layers reduce glare The bathroom is the first place most people go to when they first wake up in the morning therefore it is vital to get as much natural light as possible. … Read More

How to repair a leaking rooflight

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How to repair a leaking rooflight in five easy steps When your rooflight develops a leak, it can be very inconvenient. The hole means that the roof is no longer protecting you from the rain adequately, and this puts anything inside the room at risk of water damage or mould … Read More

The new SRHP25 Roof Hatch

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SRHP25 Access Hatch The new range of 25mm thermally broken aluminium roof access hatches. With an Unprecedented full 25mm wide thermal break in the lid AND upstand. These covers feature a 300mm fully insulated upstand with a gas spring assisted opening. The upstand comes with an external curb liner for … Read More

Rooflights: Plastic or Glass?

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Plastic or Glass? When it comes to choosing a rooflight, many people are unsure as to what the best type of rooflight actually is. While most of us can agree that the best kinds of rooflights are either polycarbonate plastic ones or glass, it can sometimes be difficult to decide … Read More

How to Maximise Light in your basement conversion

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Maximise Light We’ve covered extending upwards, outwards… now it’s time to talk about extending downwards! Everything from theatre rooms to play rooms to gym and spas have been created in a space that was formerly non-existent in some cases. View more Maximise LightWe’ve covered extending upwards, outwards… now it’s time … Read More

Choosing a roof hatch to suit your needs

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Finding your feetFinding the right roof hatch to meet your requirements is important to ensure a safe means of access is always provided. With such a wide variety of roof hatch types it may seem daunting at first to know what you need. Whether it is for just for maintenance … Read More

Coxdome Flat Glass from Addlite – A New Generation of Rooflight

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Flat Glass Rooflight With the growing demand on home and industries to introduce more natural daylight into workspaces, Addlite Coxdome have launched the innovative Flat Glass – an exceptional rooflight offering stylish looks and beautiful aesthetics. As Government increase pressure on new buildings to provide as much natural light as … Read More

ScotBuild 2015 – Visit us at stand B20!

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Scotland Build 2015 Surespan and Addlite are teaming up once again to bring our latest products to an exhibition near you. We also have some amazing news to share (Hint: It involves a certain 3 letter buzz word that’s bouncing around the place, still not sure? Well Addlite will be … Read More

New CPD Presentations!

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What is our CPD about? Addlite have teamed up with Surespan Covers Ltd ( to bring you their latest CPD presentation on Access & Escape. The presentation covers areas including: Roof Access Hatches Smoke Ventilation Recessed Floor Covers EN12101-2 and CE Marking Ladder escape and access Information regarding British Standards … Read More

Thermally Broken Roof Hatch

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The only Roof hatch in the market with these6 key features as standard: Thermally Broken Featuring thermally broken extruded sections as standard, this hatch provides outstanding performance. Curb Liner All roof hatches are sold with an aluminum curb liner fitted to the 300mm upstand as standard to provide easy installation. … Read More

Addlite at the RCI Show 2014!

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Addlite will be joining our sister company, Surespan at the RCI Show in 2014. Visit stand I07 to view our range of polycarbonate products, chat to our staff and find out more information about who we are and what we do. Don’t miss out on Surespan’s new product reveal either! … Read More

Lighting the day with rooflights

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The sun is out, and the (most) glorious summer days are in full swing. But with the sunlight comes the age long question, how can we make the most of this natural light? And what exactly are the benefits? This light has travelled, on average, 150 million kilometres from the … Read More

Part L 2013 – What you need to know

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Part L is changing Are You Prepared? On April 6th, 2014 the DCLG will publish their latest amendments to Part L 2013. Overview of What’s New Part L 2013 has been strengthened to deliver up to 9% carbon dioxide savings relative to Part L 2010. New dwellings have to achieve … Read More