Sun Tunnels For Pitched Roofs - Monodraught Sunpipe For Slates

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Sun Tunnels for Pitched Roofs

Best quality sun tunnels. The Sunlume Pitched Slate Roof Diamond Light Tube natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from the roof level. The Sun Tunnel collects daylight using a diamond dome, a silverized PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated mirror-finished aluminum tube with a ceiling diffuser to evenly distribute the light around the room. Sunlume Diamond Sun Tunnels are suited to almost any application and have been installed anywhere from residential bedrooms to the Olympic Handball Arena in London. This pitched roof SUNLUME skylight tube has been specifically developed to suit standard felt, asphalt, or membrane roof finish.


  • Top Dome 4mm UV stabilized acrylic
  • Super Silver mirror finish Aluminium
  • ABS, Galvanised Steel, or GRP upstand.


  • 230mm: 2160 lumen output in the full summer sun
  • 300mm: 4460-lumen output in the full summer sun
  • 450mm: 10770-lumen output in the full summer sun
  • 530mm: 14995-lumen output in the full summer sun

Thermal Performance U-Values (W/m2K)

Diameter 0.5m long Sun Tunnel 1m long Sun Tunnel 2m long Sun Tunnel 3m long Sun Tunnel 4m long Sun Tunnel 5m long Sun Tunnel
230mm 1.57 1.46 1.39 1.34 N/A N/A
300mm 1.62 1.52 1.42 1.38 1.37 1.36
457mm 1.76 1.68 1.59 1.54 1.49 1.46
530mm 1.80 1.73 1.64 1.58 1.54 1.51
The maximum recommended drop for 230mm is 3 meters
Pitched Roof Sun Tunnel Installation (679.18 KB) Download
300 Sun Tunnel for Slates (234.88 KB) Download
450 Sun Tunnel for Slates (218.94 KB) Download
530 Sun Tunnel for Slates (227.09 KB) Download
230 Sun Tunnel for Slates (192.21 KB) Download

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