The benefits of a laminated inner pane

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What is a laminated inner pane?

By standard, our flat rooflights offer laminated inner pane glass. This means our inner pane will consist of two different panes of glass which are permanently bonded using heat and pressure. The laminated inner panes will also include a plastic interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a perfectly clear material thats renowned for its toughness.

For additional security, this layer of PVB stops the glass shards from falling as they stick to the vinyl. Therefore any damage to the inner panes will be contained within the laminate.

Benefits of a laminated inner pane;

  1. Any damage caused will be fully contained within the laminate.
  2. PVB works as a UV filter for better sun protection.
  3. Unnoticeable difference to normal glass.

1. Any damage caused will be fully contained within the laminate.

Laminated glass is less dangerous when broken because the protective layer prevents the glass from shattering, instead the glass shards stick to the vinyl.

2. PVB works as a UV filter for better sun protection.

Blocking 99% of UV light but allowing upwards of 89% light transmission.

3. Unnoticeable difference to normal glass.

You can not tell the difference between a rooflight with a laminated inner pane and without.

Laminated inner pane standards

"Current British Standards define that inner panes on glass rooflights must be laminated in applications more than 5 metres above floor level (increased to 13 metres in limited circumstances) or are located over water (eg swimming pools). However, the relevant standard permits use of toughened glass inner panes in other applications, if a risk assessment is carried out and confirmation provided that this does not present additional risk to those below the rooflight."

What does this mean?

‘Toughened’ implies a certain degree of safety, which can be misleading. Toughened glass inner panes actually bring a risk of shattering and falling into the room beneath. For this reason, NARM (and ourselves) strongly recommend the use of laminated inner panes on flat glass rooflights.  

Make sure to check with your supplier that your glass rooflights are supplied with laminated inner panes. 

Flat glass rooflights

All our flat glass rooflights feature laminated inner panes as standard.
From £350

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