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What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?

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If you are searching for a more convenient as well as affordable device to enjoy natural light at home, then solar tubes are definitely a great option. Also referred to as the sun tunnels, sunpipes or tubular skylights, solar tubes provide an unobtrusive and excellent way to brighten the dark areas inside the house with natural and soft light.

In essence, solar tubes are pipes that are 230-530mm in diameter and run through your home’s ceiling to ensure that all the rooms get strong and bright natural light.

In this article, discover some of the drawbacks to solar tube lighting.
What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting

Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting

Thankfully, there isn’t that many of them.

Solar tubes require a single energy source i.e. rays of the sun to function well. Thus, it functions appropriately when directed towards the sunlight. It might need a bigger or ample space to ensure proper lighting, especially with the long pipes.
In addition to this, solar tubes are not ideal for every home. The roof type you may have can be impractical for installation of solar tubes. Most of the solar tubes available in the market are created for roof that has slopes ranging between 15-60 degrees. Thus, if your roof is flat, you will require tubular skylights, particularly created for that particular roof type (flat roof sun tunnels are available at Addlite).

However, if your rooms have steeply pitched roofs, like an A-frame, then you won’t be able to install the solar tubes at all. Apart from this, in high-humid climates, condensation within the tube might become a major problem.

However, it’s crucial for you to understand that if your house can use a bit of more daylight, specifically in smaller spaces, and you don’t wish to spend huge sums of money or even alter the appearance of your room, then solar tubes will definitely offer a great solution.

Thus, the drawbacks of solar tube lighting is minimal when compared to its benefits.

What Makes Solar Tube Lighting a Great Alternative to Skylights?

Solar tubes are affordable, flexible and effective.

Using solar tube lighting, one can light their homes for free as opposed to skylight installation. Besides, there is no need for you to change the entire look of the rooms. In fact, on sunny days, a 10-inch solar tubular light gives a similar amount of lighting as three bulbs of 100-watt each. With that much of light, you won’t have to make use of an electric bulb/light on moderately cloudy or sunny days. This implies that you will enjoy more convenience and also save money at the same time.

Additionally, skylights, owing to their size are difficult to miss as you step into your room. On the other hand, solar tubes with their subtle designs light your house without calling for attention. Hence, if you desire to own a brighter bedroom or living room, without changing its architecture, then solar tubes are perfect for your home.

In a nutshell, if you are searching for budget-friendly lighting installations then solar tubes that easily fit into smaller areas are a much practical option.


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