What is the purpose of an upstand on a rooflight?

An upstand refers to a vertical extension added to the roof, that acts as a barrier to prevent items from slipping or falling off the edge. 

Installing an upstand on a flat roof when installing a roof light is part of UK building regulations. The upstand is needed to ensure that the wall, windows, and doors are completely protected from water ingress.

The purpose of an upstand on a rooflight is to provide a raised edge or lip around the perimeter of the rooflight. The upstand helps to seal the rooflight against the surroundings and can prevent rainwater and other debris from entering the building through the rooflight.

Stargaze Flat Roof Window 1500 x 1500 Secondary Image On Roof v2

In some cases, an upstand may also provide additional insulation for the rooflight. Some upstands are made of insulated materials, which can help prevent heat loss and improve the thermal performance of the rooflight.

Overall, the upstand on a rooflight work as a seal, structural support, and potentially additional insulation. By providing these features, an upstand can help to protect the rooflight and the building, and can improve the overall energy efficiency and performance of the rooflight.

Addlite offers an upstand system, and can be purchased as part of your rooflight package. Speak to our qualified team for more information or shop the range here 


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