Wind deflectors – Pros and Cons in Smoke Ventilation System in UK

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Smoke ventilation systems are considered to be safety equipment in a building. Their general purpose is to ensure the escape of occupants of the building safely if a fire breaks out. They also make it possible to fight the fire in its early stages before it can cause much damage. There are well-established guidelines for their installation, maintenance, and performance. These systems help by ensuring safe escape by making the escape routes free of smoke. Other advantages include minimizing the damage to the building, obstructing fire in further development, and helping fire fighting operations, etc. these systems are used in all types of buildings, including residential areas, hospitals, commercial or educational buildings.

Wind deflectors are designed solely for the purpose of deflecting or redirecting the airflow. They are very useful devices, especially when something might be obstructing the vents from outside to work properly, and you need to redirect the flow of air in the required space. Wind deflectors can be considered as an upgrade to the smoke ventilation system.

Here, we have listed some pros and cons of using wind deflectors in smoke ventilation system.

Dealing with external aerodynamic elements:

Studies show that using an independent and external aerodynamic element on the ventilation shall easily change the airflow near the vent itself and has the side benefit of limiting any harmful effect the wind shall have on the device. The wind deflectors are an obvious choice as the external aerodynamic element.

Improving performance quality of Smoke Ventilation System:

By mounting wind deflectors directly on ventilators, you can get the performance gain up to at least 10%.

Decreasing the risks of smoke inhalation and helping it to escape:

The wind deflectors are designed to decrease the risk of occupants breathing in or inhaling the smoke in case a fire breaks out. They also help to ensure that smoke can escape to the outsides, even when the wind conditions are not favourable.

Have to be careful when choosing a place to install the window deflectors:

The place, where you have installed the wind deflectors, is an important factor to be
considered when observing the performance of the ventilation system. If the deflector placed or installed near the vent, the formation of air vortex causes under pressure at the top of the ventilator, which implies that higher mass flow needs to be supplied to the settling chamber to obtain overpressure of the chamber versus the reference pressure in the wind tunnel model. The opposite phenomenon is observed when the deflector is located at a greater distance from the ventilator.

Using cheap quality wind deflectors can create disasters:

When the weather conditions are harsh, like when it snowing heavily, using cheap and poor quality wind deflectors can become a potential hazard to the smoke the ventilation system as well as the infrastructure.

Addlite and Access is providing you AOV Smoke Vent Rooflight which is easy to install, and designed for flat roofs of all modern infrastructure types. Mardome AOV also gives natural smoke and heat exhaust, as well as comfort ventilation. Fully tested and certified to EN 12101-2 Mardome Smoke Vent Rooflight meets standards for security, non-fragility, and fire safety and comes with 10 years guarantee. The Mardome Smoke Vent Skylights and smoke control systems are fully compliant to EN 12101-2 and CE Marked. Addlite offers an optional control center with 72-hour emergency battery backup in case of power failure, however, all automatic vents can be connected to a BMS system. These AOV’s are sold with a 24v DC actuator which can also be used for daily air ventilation. Although the use of wind deflectors is not necessary, the option to use them to upgrade the device is still available. They are an optional accessory to improve the aerodynamic area.


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